Association Pour l'Étude des Littératures Africaines

APELA mailing list

APELA’s mailing list makes sure you’re up to speed with the latest newsFrance.png
on African literature. Please note that the mailing list is not a forum intended for debate or discussing personal matters, but a distribution list concerning the latest news in research. It includes:

• Information about upcoming conferences, symposiums and meetings
• Publication dates for critical works
• Opportunities to contribute to APELA and other projects
• Job vacancies and offers in the sector
• Topics of interest to the research community


To subscribe to this list and get the latest news, send an email to Dominique Ranaivoson : RANAIVOSON-Hecht@wanadoo.fr. Please note that Hotmail addresses have presented some technical problems in the past when it comes to receiving the list; reception at this type of address is not guaranteed.


To post news to the APELA mailing list, please send an email to the following address: apela-infos@asso.univ-lorraine.fr.
Our list is supervised; messages are not posted automatically. The head moderator is Dominique Ravaivoson.
Please follow the guidelines below if you wish to post news to the list.
1. APELA’s mailing list deals strictly with messages about African literature studies. Except in special cases, the following topics are not accepted on the list:
– Messages concerning cultural or political events
– Messages concerning the researchers’ personal lives
– Messages concerning the publication of fiction
– Personal opinions or other issues that may incite debate
– Notices of issue concerning books published at other publishing houses with their own mailing lists (for example, L’Harmattan publishers).
2. All messages should be addressed to the research community; messages personally addressed to the moderators will not be posted on the list
3. All messages should contain the poster’s name and email address in the first line. The person posting the message is the sole responsible party for its contents.
4. Wherever possible, please include all the necessary information within the body of your message, and not in attached files containing pictures. If you wish to show an illustrated book cover or pamphlet, please upload them onto a server and include the link to this server in your message.
5. Other mailing lists may be of interest to APELA subscribers: FRAMONDE, which deals with francophony and linguistics (amelie.nadeau@auf.org) or L’Harmattan’s mailing list (http://www.editions-harmattan.fr/). Please note that notices of issue are not systematically posted on the APELA mailing list, unless these notices are contributed by members of the Association.